Purifying and pampering, Elon Salon Facial Treatments are customized to meet your individual skin concerns. Enjoy cleansing, steam therapy, exfoliation, toning and facial massage. While skin soaks in a treatment masque, enjoy a tension releasing mini-massage. We offer specialized exfoliants, peels and masques with innovative and advanced skin care technology for very targeted treatments.

Spa Facials 
20 Minute Treatment
Focus on a specific concern
30 Minute Express Treatment
Indulge a little longer with an added massage
60 Minute Pro Peel
Includes a custom peel
60 Minute Relaxation
Customized treatment included
30 minute Deep Clean
Focus on deep cleaning and includes extractions (Great choice for men)
Additional Spa Services (these can be added to any facial) 
Facial Massage$10
Hot Stones$10
Neck and Decollete$15
Eye mask/Lip mask$5